Friday, February 28, 2014

Them Changes

Hey there good people,

Don't get used to this picture, because them changes are about to blow through like a Polar Vortex... OK not exactly, because we are in Florida and there's a high temp of  67 here today. And there are no clouds in the sky. So Special.

The great news is: We received our construction permit from the folks down at the City of Bradenton building & planning, so you can guess what that means --- we're heading to the Florida Brewer's Guild Festival in Tampa this weekend to serve our tasty brew!!! Haha.

But seriously, construction is majorly getting into swing next week -- and we are more than anxious to construct a fine fine beerhall for you all to enjoy some exemplary & frothy beverages of exceptional character and quality. 

So, if you're like us, you may now let out a giant-sized "YEEEEEEEHAAAAAW!" Hopefully we'll see you up(or down) in Tampa this weekend. 

And, as always, thanks for all these years of encouragement!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Getting a bit closer

Hey there Good People. 

I feel confident that anyone visiting this page is in fact "Good People."  After all, as the Good Doctor Hunter S. Thompson said: "Good people drink good beer." Sage.  The man was sage. 

Here's a link to a nice & fresh article from the Bradenton Herald regarding the burgeoning brewery scene in Bradenton(can I get a shout our for alliteration?).  

These are exciting times for good beer lovers throughout Manatee and Sarasota, no doubt!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Leaps & Bounds

Hey there Good People,

Patience and fortitude will surely pay off for the beer lovers in our area.  We are going from two to seven breweries in Bradenton/Sarasota this year. Awesome!  Here's a piece SNN6 news channel is running this week about our rising craft brewery scene.  Pretty sweet.

The Little Giant Brewery project is moving along quite nicely.  We recently joined forces with an architectural firm down the block from the brewery to work on final construction plans.  Good folks for sure who are equally as excited as we to add something special to our little neighborhood by the river.  Once we finalize the plans for our tasting room and beer garden we should start rolling along fairly quickly.  There's even talk of having a little dog park on site where the old volleyball court was(from when the building was the Gulf Coast Marine Institute).  Our brewery hound/security chief, Chloe, adopted the space as her personal exercise track so I thought "why not a dog park?" All beasts are welcome to enjoy the brewery, except tegus, pythons, or rabid hyenas.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Baby Steps & Little Giant Leaps

Hello Folks, 

How is that brew you are sipping on? I hope it's scrumdiddlyumptious. My spelling may be way off there.  

Just to give you an update, we were unanimously approved by the City of Bradenton Planning Commission to move forward with our site plan.  That's a great thing! We now present ourselves in June to the City Council of Bradenton for final approval and then things start rolling fast(pending approval of the council, of course). If you've sampled Little Giant and liked it or if you just like the idea of a beer Mecca in Bradenton, cross your fingers for us -- or do something equally superstitious like light a candle made with spent brewer's grain or hang a wreath of hops above your door so the beer gods recognize your intent.  Regardless, send good vibes our way and as always -- we thank you.

Read all about it:

Friday, March 1, 2013

Florida Brewers Guild Festival & Musings.

Hey there, Folks! It's been too long...

This weekend is the beginning of something huge, Tampa Bay Beer Week(! I believe the number of craft beer-related events taking place is around 250?! Awesome!

It all starts this weekend with one of my favorite events of the year, The Florida Brewers Guild Festival. It's the only place where all the Florida Brewers Guild breweries get together for a great & epic afternoon of imbibing and inevitable weirdness. The event takes place Saturday, March 2 from 2-6pm at Centennial Park in Ybor City. Centennial Park is just a couple blocks east of the normal venue and should offer a little more room for everybody.

Little Giant will be there with a few frothy selections of exceptional quality: Billabock Maibock, Overlord Black IPA, and Overhead Peeler Porter. 

Come on down if you have the chance, more info at


The LittleGiant Brewery Has A Permanent Home! 

Having wandered the earth for what seems like generations we have settled into a 5700 square foot building that is aching to be rehabilitated from a school for wayward youth(coincidentally, I used to teach there) into a beer salon for confused & wayward adults(Oh wow! I get to teach about beer now!). 

Stay tuned as we progress, and feel free to bring a wrecking bar over.

The building of this brewery has been a journey for sure, both personal and professional, and I'm happy that you all are along for the ride. This brewery has got soul, baby!

Come up to Ybor tomorrow and drink beer!

Friday, August 3, 2012


Oh wow, the Wazoo beerfest fundraiser at The Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa is expected to serve frothy libations to 5,ooo beer lovers this Saturday August 4th.  Proceeds support the zoo which is kind of a hidden gem of Tampa. 

The best part of Wazoo? The Little Giant Brewery will be pouring four of our artisanal selections for your pleasure.  

The lineup: BillaBock! Maibock, OverHead Peeler Porter, Mischievous Intent American-Belgo Pale, and Overlord Black IPA. Oh yeah I almost forgot, The Mischievous will be on hand-pulled dry-hopped cask. 

This Fest was named by USA Today a Top Ten American Beer Festival, so get there and have some fun with Little Giant! In fact, have a lot of fun-- almost too much for mortal beer lovers to mentally comprehend.

If you follow us on twitter @littlegiantbrew or Facebook just look for my tweet and check-in for the location of our table. GPS is a wonderful thing at a crazy wonderfully big BEERFEST!!!!!!